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Upon learning and coming to terms with my ADHD diagnosis, I realized I had to make a life change, not only a career change but a lifestyle change.  I had a successful career in Corporate America and was always driven, an overachiever. However, I was always feeling scattered, was late for or missed appointments and was often late to the kids school plays. I questioned how can it take me so long to work on a review or complete an investigation? 

During the initial meeting with my Neuropsychologist, she suggested that perhaps I look for another role that was structured differently and where I would feel more productive with less energy spent. I was angry with her suggestion and couldn’t ever think of a different occupation than being in the HR field. I loved my job, going to work and working with my business partners and they knew it. How could this be possible that I am in the wrong job? It blew my mind and pushed me into denial. I viewed myself in one role and just couldn’t get my arms around doing anything different, in a different environment than what I knew and was passionate about. I still had the fire in my belly to go to work each day, how could I be in the wrong job?  Three months later I re-read my report and called the Neuropsychologist for a follow up appointment. I was ready to embrace my ADHD.  And THEN there was no going back.