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The view from the bottom of the mountain can be overwhelming.  Sometimes we have to learn new skills, understand our physical needs, and identify new tools to help us reach our peak. Living with ADHD can feel like a constant climb. All packages provide an understanding of how ADHD is impacting your whole life. ADHD Coaching is not a one and done “thing” or a quick fix. It is a lifelong investment in yourself. When we meet, we’ll determine the best coaching option for you. Grab your hiking boots and get ready for the climb!

Mt. Ararat

Are you ready to tackle this mountain but something is holding you back? Together we’ll navigate through the “fog” (your obstacles and challenges) so you can gain clarity.  You’ll work on short term goals to get up the mountain in a compressed amount of time.  Teens and adults needing accountability support prefer this package.

Mt. Olympus

Are you someone who prefers to work through change and implement strategies at your own pace? Do you know what motivates you, understand what your strengths and core values are? Are you seeking clarity, sustained focus, and success? If yes, then this is the package for you! Hint hint…most clients choose this package.  

Mt. Everest

This package provides the most savings and enhanced support. Similar to the Mt. Olympus package, you’ll understand what motivates you, understand what your strengths and core values are, prioritize goals, use tools and strategies you’ve developed, and see your new habits stick all with enhanced support along the way. With new strategies on your hiking belt, you’ll be ready for any obstacle.