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How I work and process information is very different from my peers or someone else. While I knew I was different, I never knew how I was different. 

  • I wondered if people knew I was struggling?
  • I was never fully present in a conversation. My mind bounced between “to do” lists for work and home.
  • My mind wandered and wandered some more.
  • Am I happy living this life?
  • My ADHD Journey has defined my life purpose.

I believed if people knew I couldn’t handle everything I would be a failure and different from everyone else. I was ashamed to admit my daughter and I have ADHD. I felt guilty and when I say guilty, it was pure raw guilt.  Research shows that ADHD is hereditary. I didn’t see the awesomeness that came with ADHD until I obtained my own ADHD Coach. Initially going through the ADHD Coaching process was tough for me. It required me to take a long look in the mirror and think about my strengths, beliefs, and core values. Yup, strengths and NOT areas needing improvement! Going through the coaching process challenged my thinking and encouraged reflection.  Once I began to see the benefits of the coaching process, I was all in. There was no going back. I knew for life-long sustained change to happen, I needed to allow myself to be open and vulnerable to the unknown, have patience, and set the time aside to be fully immersed in the process.

Looking back, my ADHD diagnosis was a blessing in disguise. I just needed to work through my feelings and be ready to embrace it. Helping others to be their best self is a core value of mine. I decided to pursue the ADHD Coaching Certification Program through the International ADHD Coach Training Center. Becoming an ADHD Coach is a personal investment that fulfills my continued desire to make a difference in the lives of others so they can be their true authentic self.